A session rich in exchanges:
The Belgian team hosted the second major BIM Game event in Brussels.

After the first event organized by the German team from Oldenburg, the BIM Game was set up in Brussels. For the occasion, the ToB3 project had joined the BIM Game around a series of conferences and workshops-debates in the beautiful premises of La Tricoterie. At the control of the festivities, Charlotte Dautremont and Sylvie Jancart from the University of Liège.

VIP guests like Emilie GobboLionel Bousque, Vincent Martin and Emmanuel Mossay presented their work related to the circular economy and sustainable development. The representatives of ROTOR DC, where part of the stress test took place, also exposed their feedback on these strong topics. Exchanges with the audience followed the lecture series. The exchanges were rich, proof that this theme is at the heart of real social issues. The afternoon was centered on workshops and reflection as diverse as alternative pedagogies, BIM, deconstruction … So many ideas that will make their way into the minds of everyone and that will eventually lead to significant changes in the not-so-distant future.

The BIM Game, with its strong involvement in training, and ToB3, with its brand bio-sourced materials, eco-construction and BIM, have joined perfectly in this event. The concerns of the present must be immediately related to the training of professionals for increased efficiency. Mastering the circular economy, bio-sourced materials and knowing how to relate to the BIM process is a practice that must be developed today.