For its second major event, the BIM Game joined the ToB3 project around the theme of sustainable development.

The Architect / Researcher Charlotte Dautremont and Prof. Sylvie Jancart from ULiège organized these two days in association with the ROTOR association.

First, the first day saw the unfolding international stress test. Teams composed of Belgian, Spanish, German, Italian and French students worked on the rehabilitation of the LIRL agora. Particular constraint to this work: to use a maximum of materials coming from the deconstruction. To do this, part of the teams were within ROTOR’s warehouses while the other conceived the project at LIRL. Despite the language barrier, the network and interoperability problems, the students were able to find innovative solutions to carry out their project.

During the oral presentation (in English for everyone!), The students have made the best use of everyone’s skills to expose their project to the public. Then, at the end of the presentation, Charlotte Dautremont made available to the public an application to award the teams the “awards” presented a few weeks ago. These open-badges awards will allow students to present their skills in the field of BIM and sustainable development. Finally, all the teams are distributed in their respective countries with the pocket, this little extra that will make the difference in their professional lives.