The entire BIM GAME team met at the University Politècnica de València from 22 to 25 May 2019 to participate in the organization of the 8th International Congress EUBIM. This congress aims to promote a better understanding of the state of implementation of the BIM methodology in Spain and internationally, to disseminate the real experiences of professionals and companies that have already started their implementation as a methodology of work in project management. One of the essential objectives of these meetings is to create links and contacts between all those who are convinced (as the international panorama shows us) that new models of work and collaboration are needed by demonstrating their effectiveness and their effectiveness in all projects where they are implemented and tested.

The stress test experimented by our students took as a subject of study the patio of the university to motivate innovative proposals from the teams. This work made it possible to link the field requirements with the training requirements necessary to start the BIM, while highlighting the relevance of the collaboration between the different trades mobilized in the scenario. This experiment was once again the occasion for a particularly rich cultural and professional exchange, in terms of languages, views-professions, information sharing and team involvement.

It was also an opportunity to disseminate the BIM GAME project among the professionals present at EUBIM, the pedagogical modalities defended in the experiments aroused a lot of interest and generated proposals to extend the project in other forms and in other forms contexts. The “BIM dice GAME” developed by our Spanish partner has attracted attention and highlighted our stand “BIM GAME” made inaccessible by success!