For its first big event, the BIM Game and BIMTag were doing common cause.

Prof.Dr.-Ing Jörg Härtel and M.Eng. Christian Heins organized these two days of work around the BIM. The BIM Game team accompanied by Spanish, Italian and Belgian students were able to interact with German professionals. Software companies, 3D scanning, augmented reality visualization and even virtual reality immersion were present. Students and teachers were able to test these new materials at the forefront of innovation. Interesting exchanges despite the language barrier!

If the BIM Game team is attentive to technological developments, it was especially present for its role as an innovative player in the field of BIM training. Indeed, the Prof. Jörg Härtel from Jade Hochscule, presented the BIM Game in front of a complete amphitheater. Then Carla Pütz, M.Eng. at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, presented a new descriptive video. Then, she detailed the operation of the BIM Game thanks to the scenario tested in September 2019 in Wuppertal. Jesus Alfaro, from the University of Cuenca, closed the session. He presented the BIM methodology based on examples of stress tests conducted by his students in Turkey and Oldenburg in parallel with the BIMTag. 

If BIM is perceived as a modern and efficient process, the training of students and professionals is sometimes forgotten. The BIM Game proposes to fill this gap. Learning to cooperate with BIM tools around fictional or real scenarios seems to prove itself with every stress test. The intervention of the BIM Game team was warmly welcomed by the professionals. Training will always be a major focus in the deployment of innovative tools and methods.