The methodological approach specific to the Faculty and the architectural project integrates interdisciplinarity, complexity, synthesis and creativity. Interactive teaching is delivered by teachers trained in architectural discipline and peripheral disciplines.

Most of them practice architecture. This dual teaching / architect function makes it possible to integrate the concrete realities of the field in the courses and workshops of architecture and brings the architectural approach to meet fundamental societal challenges in terms of quality of living environment.

Research in the Faculty of Architecture is developing within the Faculty’s Teaching and Research Domains and / or interdisciplinarity around specific themes articulating the disciplinary approaches of different areas of the Faculty or in association with others. The Faculty is a school connected to the world by regional and international networks. The Faculty actively encourages participation in architectural competitions and challenges, supported by its teachers who integrate this purpose into the workshops.

Located in the heart of the city of Liège, the Faculty offers students a fertile ground for observation and experimentation of architecture and is a real educational resource for both theoretical courses and workshops.